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Mortuary Visit

Larkin Mortuary “Field Trip”
Larkin Sunset Lawn Mortuary (2350 East 1300 South)

Possible Points: ___
Date and Time of Field Trip (see sign-up sheet & CALL or EMAIL me FIRST): _____________________________________________

You must attend, tour the facilities with other classmates (good manners are mandatory), take notes, and write a paper (3-4 pages), list and answer the following questions.

Areas to cover (the heading should include your name & the date/time you attended):
1.  Have you been to a mortuary before?
2.  How did you feel about being there?
3.  What did you learn that you didn't know before?
4.  What was your comfort level when you entered, and did that change?
5.  Did this make you more comfortable about your chosen method of body disposition (burial, cremation, etc.), or might you reconsider?
6.  Did touring the mortuary answer questions you might have had, or did it create more? (And if so, what questions would you have asked?)
7.  Are you able to approach the death process (your own, your parents', other loved ones) in a more accepted, openly talked-about way?
8.  (question given at mortuary)