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Chapter 11
     1.     The way individuals cope with loss
     A)     evolves throughout the lifespan.
     B)     remains similar to childhood patterns.
     C)     stops developing at the end of adolescence.
     D)     starts developing when they reach adulthood.

     2.     During the stage of psychosocial development termed "young adulthood," the conflict to be resolved involves
     A)     generativity and stagnation.      C)     trust and autonomy.
     B)     integrity and despair.                 D)     intimacy and isolation.

     3.     According to the text, a major source of conflict among bereaved couples in coping with the death of a child relates to
     A)     differences in beliefs and expectations.      C)     their view of themselves as a couple.
     B)     the cause of the child's death.                       D)     their view of themselves as parents.

     4.     Cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) have sometimes been subjected to criminal investigation because the
     A)     parents neglected the infant.
     B)     law of child abuse requires such investigation.
     C)     infant died of unexplained causes.
     D)     parents were responsible for the death.

     5.     For bereaved spouses, contact with other widowed people can be a help in resolving the loss because they can help each other
     A)     perform daily chores that were formerly the responsibility of the deceased spouse.
     B)     minimize grief and the feeling of loss.
     C)     forget about their grief.
     D)     understand their feelings and learn to cope with them.

     6.     Which of the following is NOT cited in the text as a reason given by aged people for accepting death?
     A)     Death is preferable to inactivity.
     B)     Death is preferable to becoming a burden.
     C)     Death is preferable to being alone.
     D)     Death is preferable to loss of mental faculties.

     T     F     7.     An appropriate way to console a couple suffering from a childbearing loss is to remind them that they are still young and have plenty of time to have another baby.

     T     F     8.     In circumstances involving critically ill newborns, parents will usually be troubled no matter what decision they make.

     T     F     9.     According to the text, there are few opportunities to openly mourn the death of a friend.