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Assignment 1

Assignment - Movie Analysis

Write down your personal definition of "resilience."
Choose a movie that you believe exemplifies this definition.
Watch the movie.

The 2-3 page paper must include the following:

Name, Date, Assignment (movie)
List: (1) the title of the movie, (2) why you chose this movie, (3) a short paragraph summarizing the movie, (4) the main character or characters in the movie who exemplified resilience and some of the characteristics displayed, (5) the adversity, challenge, trauma, or tragedy faced, (6) the beliefs, thoughts, and actions taken, and (7) the results.

Add: Your definition of resiliency. Did your definition explain the sequence of events? Would you change or add to your definition? (If so, what would you add or change?) Did the movie live up to your expectations of a movie about resiliency?

At the end of the paper, include a signed statement verifying that you watched the movie and the work you are submitting is your own. Credit will not be given if this statement is missing.

Possible points: 15